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Per Minnesota governor’s executive order, we are only allowed to serve for off-site consumption. Please reference our wine and menu pages for product availability. 


*NEW COVID-19 Procedures for us and all restaurants in Minnesota!*
Please read:

Some things to remember: first and foremost… covid restrictions on resteraunts is a whole new environment and learning curve for us, please be kind to our staff as they try their best to keep you healthy AND happy!!!!

Reservations are “standing” to all customers, keeping in mind that we are busiest from 5:30-7:30 on Fridays and Saturdays and if our indoor seating is at max capacity (50%) you’ll be put on a waiting list and have to wait outside.  “To-go” orders are encouraged for those not quite comfortable with a dine-in setting yet.

We have moved every table inside and outside to be 6 feet apart with 50% capacity. Don’t be surprised if we are full on a Saturday night at 7:00, that’s when everyone else wants to be here too. Plan on avoiding 6-8pm on Saturday nights if possible.

Servers WILL BE wearing masks or face shields, kitchen staff is not required to do so unless coming into contact with patrons. Patrons are supposed to wear a mask according to the Minnesota governor’s mandate, especially INSIDE, but not required to for service due to HIPAA.

Please practice social distancing. We want to remain open, it takes everyone following the recommendations for us to be able to.

We are not following the recommendation to have disposable menus, however, we have ALWAYS had the procedure in place to have a “clean” and “dirty” stack and sanitize the “dirty” menu stack before it goes to a different table, we feel this sanitizing procedure has always been safe for everyone and is better for the environment.

Groups MUST be no more than 10 people per table. Please do NOT ask us to bend the rules for you!

People congregating or standing in the way of restroom or staff traffic will be asked to leave.

All health codes (like we’ve always done) will be followed, along with covid guidelines.

Do NOT think you can seat yourself/move tables/move chairs to other tables.

Do not come here with any illness symptoms.

Let us serve you to the best of our abilities and work together, have fun, and work toward getting back to the old normal!

Now, back to the fun stuff! …

The adventure of visiting Grandview Valley Winery starts even before arrival.  The scenery in the Minnesota River Valley boasts breathtaking views that can hardly be rivaled during any season and is more than worth the drive.

Our winery site is nestled into our 7.5 acre vineyard. While visiting, expect exceptional service and owners who truly appreciate your business, who work hard to ensure you enjoy your visit, and who sincerely hope you will return time and time again.

This begins and ends with the passion put into producing quality wine from the vine to the bottle.  We also ensure the freshest quality pizza ingredients and the best in unique and local craft beer.  And don’t forget the ambiance!

We do not have the means to run a credit or debit card however we do accept check or cash and have an ATM on site. No reservations.

(Summer only) Wednesday: 5pm-9pm
Thursday: 3pm-9pm
Friday: 11am-11pm (9pm kitchen close)
Saturday: 11am-11pm (9pm kitchen close)
Sunday: 12pm-6pm (5:30 kitchen close)
Year round
open all other holidays that fall on normal business days.

With the uncertainty this year has brought, we have no special events planned at this time.


***Easter Sunday 4/12/20 we will be OPEN due to the special circumstances we are facing this year!!!***



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